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"Her highest desire is for deep change and transformation for every client"

"She has a brilliant skill-set both as a coach and a behind-the-scenes organisational genius."

"She has a great level of precise intuition and is extremely talented at what she does."

"This woman is the real deal! Highly recommend!"


Chloe Prendergast - Happiness & Success Coach

Chloe is dedicated to creating vibrant, magical, happy, healthy lives. She has been coaching individuals to happiness and success for over ten years. She is trained in traditional coaching models, NLP, The Spiral, Advanced Clearing, embodiment practices and The Journey. 

Her current influences include Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Oprah and Danielle la Porte. She has mentored many leading spiritual entrepreneurs and is currently facilitating weekly webinars for Dane Tomas's Spiritual Business Mastermind program Alchemy.

Her style is just like her - playful, powerful, intuitive and real. Her clients consistently express leaving her sessions feeling refreshed and enlivened, with new insight into who they are and what they want and a practical understanding of how to activate these changes into their businesses and lives. She believes positive change can happen in an instant and holds that same possibility for every person she works with.

When she is not empowering others towards positive change she can be found at the beach, on a yoga mat, in a cafe, across a dance-floor or planning her next adventure. Anywhere really where she has access to magic, vibrancy, happiness and fun - her favourite ways to be.