"Her highest desire is for deep change and transformation for every client."

Coach, Teacher, Lover, Seeker

I am a life coach and business coach specialising in emotional intelligence, life alignment, business breakthrough and The Spiral. I work with creatives, entrepreneurs, adventures and change-makers effecting positive change in business and life.

I have studied extensively in the fields of emotional healing, traditional life and business coaching, personal development, embodiment practices and spiritual awakening. I bring a combination of these skills and experiences to every session.

My style is playful, practical, intuitive and relevant. I believe there is just as much power in laughter as there is in tears. I want people to awaken to their innate beauty and infinite inner resources, to discover that they may already be living the life of their dreams.

"Something about Chloe resonates with my best self"

My influences include Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Brandon Bays, Danielle La Porte and Oprah. And really anyone who is living true to their path. 

I studied at The Coaching Institute and am a qualified practitioner of Life Coaching, Business Coaching, NLP, The Journey, Theta Healing, Advanced Clearing & The Spiral.

I have coached and mentored many of Melbourne's most prolific conscious entrepreneurs and been the preferred coach for the Dancing Eros team and The Spiral. 

I deliver my special brand of transformation laced with laughter, lightness, immediacy and truth. My sessions are powerful and fun, just like me.

I continue to dedicate myself to the path "everyday magic" - bringing magic into everyday, and believe in growing, giving and celebrating every damn day.


"I could not recommended Chloe higher! Go and see her!! What have you got to lose, except your issues!"