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What if everything you have ever been taught about how to do life is a lie. That there is an easy, effortless way to have everything you want. In this one day event I teach you how to activate your abundance, access your powers and have it all.

Next event - Saturday 4th August 2018, Melbourne - Click here to book

"Activate Your Abundance with Chloe Prendergast - attended this workshop today. So freaking amazing!! Thank you!!!" - Melinda Grey

"What a way to start the year... Activate Your Abundance! Chloe made a concept that had felt abstract to me into something I could really work with! I now feel that 'Abundance' isn't some ethereal but within my control. The sky is the limit! Thanks Chloe." - Sara Jean Wade

Own Your Greatness


Do you feel like you are ment for more? Have you already tried all the things? Are you ready for a program that supports, inspires and transforms you?  

Personalised mentoring for the spiritually-minded who are overwhelmed, under-resourced and have lost their way. We work together to design simple, stable structures that support you to get on with being your best and doing your thing. A week to week group program with optional 1-1 coaching sessions and self-study resources.

Join other abundant souls making their dreams come true.

"This woman is the real deal! Highly recommend! Unafraid to be honest and in her full integrity, she will take you to extraordinary places in yourself and help you reach new heights." - Tali Brash, Creator of The Voices Of Program

"I had an Abundance session with Chloe a few weeks ago... And all I can say is ‘Incredible!!’ It had me fully stepping into what I wanted to create for myself and my life. Highly recommend" - Alex Gatti

Wild Vibrant Alive


Are you ready to experience deep transformation, culture and beauty, adventure and fun? These retreats are like nothing else currently on offer. A full transformational experience that includes social connection, adventure, beauty and fun.

An experience to change your life and remember for a lifetime.

Next retreats

- Hawaii 2018 (SOLD OUT)

- Greece 2019 (Open for application)

If this lights you up and turns you on send an email to with the subject "Wild Vibrant Alive"