Wealth Clear Session


Wealth Clear Session


Are you ready to release your money wounds? 

Are you ready to step into your self worth?

Are you ready for real abundance?


For anyone wanting to attract in more money and worth.

For graduates of a Life Manifestation Session and/or The Spiral only.

Have more money. Have more clarity. Have more time. Have more fun.


  • 1 x Wealth Clear session (up to 90mins)
  • Email summary and session recording after your session
  • Lifetime access to the Magic Makers private online forum
  • Unlimited online support for one week after your session

The Wealth Clear Session is a deep dive into your relationship with money. How you give, receive, take and allow. Who taught you about money (the good and the bad) and what you energetically believe you are worth (and therefore attract and create).

Clients leave with an increased self worth and self awareness, a rewiring and reclaiming of their relationships to money and wealth and an action plan of how to actualise their new sense of inner abundance in the material world.

More money. More wealth. More worth. More well-being.

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