The Spiral Program (9 week journey)


The Spiral Program (9 week journey)



  • Have you tried it all?
  • Are you a master of positive change and still getting stuck?
  • Are you ready to get over yourself and be free?

The Spiral is the 7 session program that roots out and resolves your deepest hurts, hopes, baggage and bullshit. It sets your free to be the most magnificent and authentic version of yourself ever. It makes it very very easy to go out a create the life of your dreams.

In all the work I have done and everything I have studied it is by far my favourite way to create big, lasting positive change. If you want to join the 1000+ people who are benefiting from this work, I would love to work with you!

The Spiral incorporates 7 sessions that align to the 7 chakras, the 7 areas of life and three major emotions at each level so you are able to experience clearing, activation and alignment on all levels.

It is the process that everyone is raving about and changes people (permanently) for the better.

It is a bit like sex - you cant really describe it, you just have to try it!


  • 1 x Life Manifestation session (up to 90mins)
  • 7 x Spiral sessions (up to 60mins)
  • 1 x Celebration session (up to 45mins)
  • Email summary and session recording after each session
  • Lifetime access to the Magic Makers private online forum & The Spiral Community private online forum
  • Unlimited online support for the duration of your program
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