"Are you ready for a breakthrough and ready to get real with yourself? Go and see this woman. 
Chloe is straightforward and honest and insightful and gets to the truth. It is a delight to work with her and she is very good at helping to unravel your knots! X" June 2017
Tamara Paterson : Women's Sensuality & Empowerment Facilitator

"This woman is the real deal! Highly recommend! Unafraid to be honest an in her full integrity, this woman will take you to extraordinary places in yourself and help you reach new heights. " May 2017
Tali Brash : Actor & Leader of The Voices Of Movement

"Chloe - I just want to thank you for my Discovery Session yesterday. It was exactly what I needed! And it so perfectly aligned with my inner and outer worlds. You have a way of guiding & leading a session to flow exactly where it needs to go, and to dig until we reach what is lying/hiding within my body underneath all the noise of my head - you are a perfect combination of intuitive & intentional. The different sessions I have had with you have left me feeling empowered, at home in myself, and knowing I have the tools that I need no matter the area that has been delved into. I adore connecting with you - your energy is an absolutely gift!I can't recommend you and your magic enough. And I hope anyone who sees this post seeks out a session for themselves if they haven't already!" May 2017
Jes Maya : Isagenix Representative & Child Educator

"From the first moment our Skype opened up I could feel Chloe's beautiful grounding presence and calm through the connection. She held such a beautiful and gentle space for what was actually a deeply powerful session! I didn't feel like I was being overly pushed or stretched beyond what I could comfortably assimilate and felt totally held the entire time. In the days and weeks to follow I noticed profound yet subtle shifts weaving their way through my experience. One particular area of struggle in my life was completely busted and has allowed for so much more grace and ease. Hallelujah!! I am so grateful for Chloe's amazing work and how inspired I feel in her energy. She truly sees and feels with intuitive precision, fun, humour, realness and love. Couldn't recommend highly enough!" September 2016
Georgia Mellor : Psychosomatic Bodyworker

"Chloe is the bomb for Relationship Clears. Truly I just adore Chloe's intuition, compassion and sharp thinking. A recipe for tailored clearing success! During our session I discovered some patterns that I'd not been consciously aware of before. Those were like aha moments of realisation! I highly recommend Chloe for her phenomenal skills pin-pointing the most poignant clearing questions to ask and clearing with second-to-none intuition. Her style and way is so natural it is as if she has been doing this work for hundreds of years." June 2016
Lulu Brown : Dancing Eros Teacher & Mentor

"I am SO HAPPY I accidentally stumbled upon Chloe's page a few weeks ago - since meeting her and starting The Spiral, SO MUCH has shifted/changed (for the better) and it's all thanks to this amazing goddess and her cosmic wisdom. She really has an ability to gently guide you EXACTLY where you need to go. Seriously, I cannot recommend her enough, she is a game changer. So much love and gratitude to you Chloe. xxx" June 2016
Julia Truhina : Actor

"Chloe has this very discerning and direct approach. Something clicks and she sees whatever the core issue is that's effecting you. She listens attentively, genuinely cares and is excited to find anything holding you back.
She brings out your unique gifts and celebrates you." May 2016
Esther Buttery : Photographer

"Chloe took me through the three session Life Alchemy Program covering Time, Money and Love. As always, with laser precision Chloe would get straight into the real blocks and issues I was experiencing in these areas. I love the lightness I would feel after our sessions. And in the following weeks and months I would have sudden realisations that my behaviour had indeed changed and my mindset had dramatically improved. I had simply stopped doing certain things or stopped worrying about particular issues.
Thank you Chloe. I love you!" May 2016
Celeste DeMattis : Jeweller

"Holly Mumma! I did not expect the results I received from seeing Chloe only ONCE! I went to her for a Manifestation Clear. I thought we were focusing on something small, something easy for a one-off session. It ended up having roots into something that was a huge emotionally laden issue for me. And we still shifted it. I'm really quite shocked! I was so incredibly resistant to addressing the root cause; so blocked, so scared. I went to be better organised and ended up having my relationship to being a 'dutiful housewife' cleared. I have been resistant to cooking, cleaning and other housewifely duties for most of my adult life due to past trauma. After our session I went home to cook dinner and breakfast three days in a row without feeling stressed or resentful, I bought all sorts of organisation tools to better organise my home and don't have any huge messy feelings about doing the things I have always felt incredibly triggered by. Did not expect that! Thank you Chloe - I am blown away. Could not recommended Chloe higher! Go and see her!! What have you got to loose, except your issues!" April 2016
Danielle Meila : Entreprenuer & Psychologist

“Loving the magic – since the session my current work has given me double hours and I have had offers of more work absolutely flooding in! Before this I was really worried about having enough work – all gone!
Yay for the magic of spiral! Thank you! xxx” March 2016
Ella Slonim : Biomedical Engineer

“When I first went to see Chloe for a clearing session, I literally had no idea what to expect, however it was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had. Chloe’s warm and gentle personality made the whole process fun, comfortable and easy – which is exactly what you want when exploring areas of your unconscious mind. She has a great level of precise intuition and is extremely talented at what she does. I had my first session about 2 months ago, and some of the things that I learned about myself and my habits back then, still resonate strongly with me to this day. I would describe the whole process like having a deep, insightful conversation with a close friend that leaves you with an increased awareness about yourself; As well as leaving you with a plan of action on how to achieve what you want out of life. I’ve recommended Chloe to many of my clients who may be feeling a little lost, confused or overwhelmed with life and will continue to recommend her to anyone!” Feburary 2016
Joe Davis : Personal Trainer & Massage Therapist

"Chloe certainly knows her stuff. I thought I had the business stuff sorted and didn't think I needed any help. In just a few sentences she drilled to the core and gave me an excellent solution! It was hard to swallow at first but once I did doors opened and clients flowed in. Thanks for your business insights Chloe!" December 2015
Bethany Howard : Life Coach

“Spiral was a freaky experience to start with but Chloe helped me to become more relaxed. Her fun and carefree vibes allowed me to trust the process a lot more as I was pretty sceptical at times. She really nailed some things with me and her advice, support and talent in the Spiral program was not only an effective approach to perspective enhancement, but was a cool experience! Thank you and thanks for the laughs.
Much love xx Beno xx” October 2015
Ben O'brien : Musician

“ So, my time with Chloe Prendergast and the Spiral process has been quite incredible. When my brain fought to make sense of the experience in a session with Chloe, my body guided me to the truth. This would not have happened so profoundly if Chloe hadn't been holding space and facilitating the whole process. She is deeply experienced at maintaining energetic integrity in every session. Her highest desire is for deep change and transformation for every client. My perception of my life evolved into something clearer and more truthfully embodied during this time and I continue to reflect on my sessions and the gems of wisdom that resulted. I had a lot of fun too! Chloe is a wealth of experience both practically, emotionally and energetically. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to be supported in their life journey.
So much love and thank you!” September 2015
Jessica Lyons : Young Adult Educator & Body Worker

"I love Chloe's clear and quick method of coaching. She has incredible skills that help you define your strategy and next steps. Invaluable for small business." June 2015
Clare Emma : General Manager, Dancing Eros

"Everyone needs a Chloe in their business. She has so many skills, that I have been pondering on and off what to write for this review all day! She really is GOLD. Her ability to name and hone in on exactly what is going on in your business not only on a practical, structural level but also on an energetic emotional spiritual level is phenomenal - she has reflected to me things I just couldn't have picked up myself - having someone like that around who gets it on ALL levels is really rare. She can get in there and show you how to clear up your systems, run your events like a BOSS, help you package up what you do and really whatever the hell you need (and you may not even know what it is) she will be able to reflect what's going on and then help you do something about it. Seriously if you are at all feeling a little lost, overwhelmed or needing a bit of support in your business -
go see her." May 2015
Vanessa Florence : Creator, Leader, Facilitator (Dancing Eros & Sex Camp)

"CHLOE THE MAGICAL FAIRY BUSINESS MASTER PACKAGER...OMG YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH CLARITY IN WHAT IM DOING!!! Having access to your brilliance is such a gift for me as my business grows into itself. You are a master projector girlfriend! Your ability to create systems blows my mind!! THANK THE FAIR GODS FOR CHLOE!!!XX" May 2015
Shaney Marie : Sacred Sexuality Educator & Entreprenuer (Shaney Marie Tantra & Orgasmic Hearts)

"This woman knows her stuff! Anyone who is looking to truly discover/learn and live their true self/path would more than benefit from the coaching sessions Chloe provides. Thank you for providing such a warm and nurturing space to explore and release energy Chloe Prendergast!!" May 2015
Shani Connell : Singer/Songwriter

“Chloe has this bad-ass way of pushing the comfort zone in a way that feels so safe and reasonable, but leaves skid marks where old habits used to be. I find her blend of coaching and clearing really effective: she’s helped me make time feel elastic, money feel flexible, energy feel everlasting and love feel abundant. She is flexible and adapts her process to what I need. She’s authentic, supportive, celebrates my wins, wraps everything in laughter, and holds me lightly through the crazy that comes with intense change. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.” April 2015
Aviva Beecher Kelk : Entreprenuer

“Chloe Prendergast She’s the bomb!! Hayley Van Cuylenburg and I just had a coaching session where she shared her event management, facebook marketing wisdom! This woman knows her stuff! She sprinkles red hot events with bang glitter gizz with such ease!! WE HIGHLY recommend her goodness” April 2015
Lulu Brown : Dancing Eros Teacher & Mentor

"I'm SUPER grateful to have had this woman in my corner for the last year or more. She's spent hours systemising things, supporting the Spiral community, organising events, rearranging things when I change my mind ten minutes after offering them and has managed to not only survive but thrive in a transformational vortex that most people find incredibly difficult to cope with. THANK-YOU CHLOE FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE AND FOR BEING AN AMAZING FRIEND AS WELL!!!! :) Chloe is transitioning to running her own company and has a brilliant skill-set both as a coach and a behind the scenes organisational genius. She knows her shit!" March 2015
Dane Tomas : Entrepreneur Coach, Writer, Creator of Self Clearing & The Spiral