Working one-on-one I guide people through sessions inspired by the work of Dane Tomas , Anthony RobbinsDr John DeMartini, and Brandon Bays as well as other teachers, leaders and influences. Using these sessions as a frame I work with you, the individual, educating and transforming was we go, relevant to who you are and who you want to be. My particular passions are emotional intelligence, personal alignment, practical manifestation and life design. I include aspects of these in every session giving you the most valuable experience possible at every turn.

 Danielle on her wedding day, a few weeks after our session.

Danielle on her wedding day, a few weeks after our session.


An inner journey of discovery into what you really want (what you REALLY want, not what you think you really want). We are all different, magnificent and unique. The most powerful way I can empower anyone is to get to know your inner world. It is from here I can bring forth your truest desires, and set you on a path of practical, real-world manifestation of exactly what you want. This is the first session I do with every new client. It is the BEST way for me to discover who you are and ensure you are on your best path.

What other's say about the Manifestation Sessions
"Holly Mumma! I did not expect the results I received from seeing Chloe only ONCE! I went to her for a Manifestation Clear. I thought we were focusing on something small, something easy for a one-off session. It ended up having roots into something that was a huge emotionally laden issue for me. And we still shifted it. I'm really quite shocked! I was so incredibly resistant to addressing the root cause; so blocked, so scared. I went to be better organised and ended up having my relationship to being a 'dutiful housewife' cleared. I have been resistant to cooking, cleaning and other housewifely duties for most of my adult life due to past trauma. After our session I went home to cook dinner and breakfast three days in a row without feeling stressed or resentful, I bought all sorts of organisation tools to better organise my home and don't have any huge messy feelings about doing the things I have always felt incredibly triggered by. Did not expect that! Thank you Chloe - I am blown away. Could not recommended Chloe higher! Go and see her!! What have you got to loose, except your issues!" Danielle Cheyton

 Before & after The Beautiful Woman clear

Before & after The Beautiful Woman clear


A comprehensive and in-depth process where we clear and collapse the positive and negative traits of another. What I love about this process (based on Dr John Demartini's Breakthrough Experience and refined by Dane Tomas) is that in one single session we are able to completely rewrite our relationship to a person, an identity or an archetype. We can also use it to embody and activate the traits of people we admire. I have explored this process deeply and continue to do so. Some of the more interesting archytypes and identities I have played with using this process are : the beautiful woman, my party girl, my rebellious free spirit, the privatre school girl, Paris Hilton and Beyonce. 

What other's say about the Relationship Sessions
"Chloe is the bomb for Relationship Clears. Truly I just adore Chloe's intuition, compassion and sharp thinking. A recipe for tailored clearing success! During our session I discovered some patterns that I'd not been consciously aware of before. Those were like aha moments of realisation! I highly recommend Chloe for her phenomenal skills pin-pointing the most poignant clearing questions to ask and clearing with second-to-none intuition. Her style and way is so natural it is as if she has been doing this work for hundreds of years." Louise Pinata

 Business Coaching plus cocktails

Business Coaching plus cocktails


 I also partner with other successful change-makers, managing projects, designing structures, delivering events and mentoring teams. I have coached and mentored many of Melbourne's leading conscious entreprenuers.

What Others Say about the Business Breakthrough Sessions
"CHLOE THE MAGICAL FAIRY BUSINESS MASTER PACKAGER...OMG YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH CLARITY IN WHAT IM DOING!!! Having access to your brilliance is such a gift for me as my business grows into itself. You are a master projector girlfriend! Your ability to create systems blows my mind! THANK THE FAIR GODS FOR CHLOE!!!" Shaney Marie

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This program is the single most effective tool for deep emotional healing and positive change I have ever experienced. In seven sessions we take you on a journey back to your true self. It empowers you to reveal and heal any stagnant patterns you have that are preventing your from living a full, balanced, successful life.

What other's say about The Spiral
“So, my time with Chloe Prendergast and the Spiral process has been quite incredible. When my brain fought to make sense of the experience, my body guided me to the truth. This would not have happened so profoundly if Chloe hadn't been holding space and facilitating the whole process. She is deeply experienced at maintaining energetic integrity in every session. Her highest desire is for deep change and transformation for every client. My perception of my life evolved into something clearer and more truthfully embodied during this time and I continue to reflect on my sessions and the gems of wisdom that resulted. I had a lot of fun too! Chloe is a wealth of experience both practically, emotionally and energetically. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking to be supported in their life journey. So much love and thank you!” Jessica Lyons